Terms and conditions of sale and returns


The present general conditions, except for modifications or exceptions expressly agreed in writing between the parties, regulate all the existing contracts between the consumer (buyer) and the business named Digi softair (seller) located in Via Vestina n ° 132 / 134 Montesilvano (PE) cap 65015, Italy, relative only to transactions carried out through the e-commerce site www.digisoftair.com, w
e also remind you that the order can only be placed by adult users.


The purchaser, by e-mail confirming their purchase order, through confirmation expressed during the order process, or otherwise through the payment of the order or shipment request of the goods, unconditionally accept all the conditions of sale and undertakes to observe in its relations with the seller the general and payment conditions indicated below declaring to have read and accepted all the indications provided to it pursuant to this agreement and of the herein mentioned general conditions of sale, also acknowledging that the the seller does not consider itself bound to different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.

Digi Softair reserves the right not to accept an order received: the order will be considered accepted only at the time of shipment.


€ 9 fixed

from € 69.00 of expenses, shipments will be free


€ 29 fixed for EURIPE EU

    € 39 fixed for EUROPE (NON EU)

    €60 fixed for WORLD (before paying, wait for the shipments to be recalculated)

We reserve the right to refuse shipments or to propose an adjustment of shipping costs in the event that some countries are particularly expensive or problematic due to their laws

ATTENTION: the rates for the above shipments may exclude islands and inconvenient locations, in case of orders in these locations, shipping will remain at our discretion, you will be contacted to confirm, cancel the order or pay the difference for shipments

Orders are made online by choosing the material. The contract is finalized when the order is confirmed by the seller. Shipments for Italy will be made by courier and delivery will take place within 24-48 hours of taking charge of the goods by the courier.
delivery times vary depending on the country,
usually 3 days for Europe and 5 for the rest of the world

No responsibility can be attributed to the seller in case of delays in delivery by the courier.

All orders in Italy are delivered by courier GLS for Italy and DHL for Europe and the Rest of the World, the curier
the courier will ask a signature upon delivery. Orders are delivered on working days from Monday to Friday, it is not possible to choose the delivery time, we can enter a note for the courier but remains at its discretion

and we reserve the right to change courier without notice if the rates are cheaper or the service is better

It is advised when ordering, insert a telephone number (mobile or fixed) for any notifications of non-delivery of goods.

Should the package be delivered by the courier, open or conspicuously damaged, please "accept with reservation" otherwise it will not be possible to appeal for any damage to the package contents. (please pay attention to the opening of the packages to avoid damaging the contents)

ATTENCTION: we assume no responsibility for shipping if the insured shipment is not carried out (which in any case only covers the value of the goods and not the shipping costs)

CROSSBOW: must absolutely not be used without vacuum dart, therefore any problem due to the single use without vacuum will not be recognized under warranty

AIRSOFT REPLICAS: Use high quality BBS and do not reuse them (recommended brands of BBS: Mimetix, Bolt, Vfc, Marui, Novritsch, bls, G&G, Madbull, Target, Surgeon, King Arms, Xtreme), known for Biodegradable pellets: avoid make them get damp, avoid putting the leftovers in the magazines back into the package

Once the items have been shipped, it is no longer possible to change the destination address.

We remind you that shipping costs are the responsibility of the recipient, when not otherwise agreed directly with the customer for special reasons. The purchase on the internet is an official purchase. If you intend to give up the purchase you must notify us as soon as possible, and in any case not later than the date of shipment of the package. In case of your direct refusal of the package upon delivery you will be notified via email or telephone to be able to complete the shipment.
If we do not receive an answer on the phone or email within 10 days we will return the shipment and you will be charged the full cost of the shipment as well as the cost of return to the sender and storage, according to the procedures that will be communicated to you.
If a package is refused at the time of delivery, shipping costs will still be charged to the customer ordering and will be calculated for the actual amount, in addition, will be added to the costs of return to the sender and storage for a cost of € 17.00 more. You will be explicitly asked to pay the amount within a certain period. In case of non-payment, the case will be entrusted to our lawyer for debt collection.


All prices of the articles in the online catalog of the seller are inclusive of VAT.


the customer can make the product purchased via the web, taking it personally into the store without additional costs, with its courier or by booking the collection through our courier, shipping costs (both return and return) will be fully paid by the customer, and must be paid
and to the country of destination, in advance, the cost will be calculated based on the weight / volume ratio of the returned package, once checked the integrity of the products and the presence of the receipt, will be issued a coupon spendable on our store

WARNING: the batteries have been tested before being shipped and can not be replaced in any way.

(free shipping bonus can be used only once per order, if the product is returned and you have already taken advantage of free shipments, round-trip shipments will have to be paid in full with weight / volume ratio, unless there is a another order whose amount reaches the threshold for free shipping contextual to the return, in which case the shipments will be free again)


As per regulations in force, the purchaser can exercise the right of withdrawal within 10 days of receipt of goods by sending notice to the seller by registered mail addressed to Digi Softair, Via Vestina n ° 132/134 Montesilvano (PE) cap 65015. The communication must contain the contact details of the buyer, a telephone contact and a copy of the receipt. The return of the purchased material will be authorized in writing by the seller. The products must be returned in perfect condition and unused, in their original packaging and complete with all the parts contained inside the package upon receipt. The packaging for return to the sender must be suitable for protecting the material during transport. The seller will reimburse to the purchaser the amount paid after having verified the conformity of the returned goods, withholding a contribution to cover the costs of restocking equal to 10% of the value of the goods plus the entire cost of shipping costs in relation to weight / volume both forward and return


All products are inspected and tested before shipment in order to verify the perfect functioning, the absence of defects and the completeness of the standard equipment. The warranty of all products complies with the laws in force (Consumer Code) and lapses in case of improper use or tampering.


WARNING: the batteries are all tested before being shipped and can not be replaced in any way and under any circumstances.


All products comply with the regulations in force, in particular the toy arms have power below 1 Joule and are delivered with an irremovable red sprint, as well as the accessories to be installed on the sprint if they can cover or alter the original red color. The images in the catalog are for the sole purpose of illustrating the product and are not contractual. Changes to the characteristics of the products and their equipment can be made by the suppliers without prior notice.


Pursuant to the law in force on the seller, the obligation to deliver the goods complying with the sales contract to the purchaser is borne. The seller is responsible for any lack of conformity that occurs during the 24 months following the purchase. Any lack of conformity must be reported to the seller within two months of discovery. The warranty provided for by the Consumer Code can not be asserted by those who purchased the products in the context of their business or professional activity. According to the art. 129, C. 2, of the consumption code it is assumed that the goods are compliant, if the following characteristics coexist:

1. are suitable for the use to which goods of the same type are normally used;

2. comply with the description given by the seller and possess the qualities of the goods presented by the seller to the consumer;

3. present the usual qualities and services of a good of the same type, which the consumer can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the good;

4. they are also suitable for the particular use intended by the consumer and which has been brought to the knowledge of the seller at the time of conclusion of the contract and of which the seller has also acknowledged for concluding facts.

In the case of lack of conformity, the art. 130 of the Consumer Code provides, as remedies, the repair or replacement of the good. The choice between the two remedies is left to the purchasing party unless the remedy requested is objectively impossible or excessively burdensome. In such cases the alternative remedy will be tried. If the repair or replacement of the goods are impossible, or excessively expensive, or the seller has not done within a reasonable time or cause considerable inconvenience for the buyer or are not effective to solve the problem, the buyer can request the price reduction or termination of the contract. In determining the amount of the reduction or the sum to be repaid, it must be held in accordance with the use of the asset. The work of the seller with the aim of restoring the adequacy of the asset will be free of charge. In order to assert the guarantee, the purchaser must keep and show the receipt. The warranty is void if the product is tampered with or used in a non-compliant manner. In particular, but not exclusively, they entail the forfeiture of the warranty for all ASGs, if electric the use of forward-voltage batteries and excessive amperage for the correct operation of the product, if the use of non-suitable gases is used 'alteration of the product, tampering, the use of dots of insufficient quality, contact with liquids, use in atmospheric conditions not compatible with the nature of the product (by way of example and not exhaustive: rain and temperatures too rigid) . The warranty coverage for parts subject to consumption and periodic maintenance is related to their physiological duration. The periodic maintenance operations of the parts subject to wear and the cleaning of the product are at the care and expense of the purchaser.


No responsibility can be attributed to the seller for any disservices due to force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and / or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevent, in whole or in part, to execute the sales agreement within the agreed time frame. The seller will not be liable to any party for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of the non-execution of the sale agreement for the aforementioned causes.


In case of disputes the competent court is that of Pescara, Italy.

DIGI softair
Via Vestina 132/134 Montesilvano (PE)
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