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Light machine guns

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Light machine guns, like the FN M249, have been a vital resource on the field for years.
Usually the job of dragging around one of these bad guys falls on the shoulders of the strongest person on the team, but today everything changes.
The new M249 Para "Featherweight" solves all the problem of wanting an LMG in the field, but not having the strength and / or willingness to carry it around all day.
This M249 weighs less than 4kg, losing almost 50% of its weight compared to its all-metal counterpart! Don't worry though, just because it's light doesn't mean it's weak and fragile. The castle and the frame are made of a fiber-reinforced nylon polymer built with a very high resistance design, making this option extremely light and extremely resistant.
The new series uses Gearbox full metal GEN2 with 8mm bushes to less stress the mechanics and 1 Joule spring. This fantastic replica comes with a larger 300BBs magazine